Our products are produced in production facilities approved by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute), BRC, IFS Food Safety Management System Standards which our company has been approved and applied in international organizations. Records are kept and traceability is ensured at all stages from raw material acceptance to consumption. We have physical and chemical analysis laboratories in our factory. Quality control analyzes made during production are provided to our customers.


The food sector we operate in is a sector that requires attention in detail and contributes greatly to the country’s economy. We are developing our products with the awareness that our product quality will affect not only the prestige of our company but also the prestige of our country.
Basic principles of our quality policy:


To provide our customers with the best products without sacrificing food safety, system requirements and legal requirements. product, reasonable price, on-time delivery triangle.


1. To determine customer expectations accurately and meet their demands fully and correctly,
2. By keeping up with the rapidly developing technology,pushing our performance and product quality one step further everyday to increase our competitive power.
3. To improve the performence of our employees with continuous training activities,
4. To take into account the benefits of our stakeholders in all our work and to carry out sustainable activities,
5. To observe and respect all legal and social rights of our employees,
6. To meet enviroment and health and safety requirements of laws and regulations.







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